Pipeline wind speed sensor


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Wind speed and direction integrated sensor

All metal material, strong, stable, high precision, more affordable.

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We are creative company

上海搜博实业有限公司是一家以传感器、仪表产品为基础,集科研开发、经营、技术服务、系统集成为一体的专业传感器、仪器仪表及在线监测系统领域的设备企业, SONBEST 致力于农业自动化和智能工业控制等化领域。 SONBEST 不仅仅是产品设计者,同时还是系统集成商,擅于将复杂的技术加以综合运用、研制、开发出符合不同用户需求的设备和系统成套产品,提供全面、及时、准..

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KLHA Happy Coast mainly takes cost-effective sensors as the focus of R&D and production, and provides modules, transmitters, recorders, controllers and other products. The IoT cloud platform is the carrier for KLHA to provide high-quality services, allowing sensors to access the Internet more Ease is our goal.

What we do

We produce, R&D, and manufacture products, and also provide related technical server technical consulting services.